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General Dominique Battani

When I went to meet the staff and attended to the various operations, day and night, for the first time, my employees, partners and customers immediately appreciated my commitment. This criterion of recognition, which I share towards them since I respect the fact that these men and women are hard-working business leaders who have demanding jobs, working night and day, is, in my opinion, what made the difference for my adaptation and my acceptance as the new director of Rungis' market. The ease with which people accept me, but also the mutual respect that we share for one another, is an asset that I acquired during my 34 years in the army, there is no doubt!

Rungis' market executives also appreciate his managerial qualities and believe that the former army general, Dominique Battani is a human being who has easy contact with his employees, partners and customers, which makes it easy to communicate with and has brought him to become a vital asset to the success of the market.